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SYZYGIUM ‘Backyard Bliss PBR


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Botanical Name: Syzygium paniculata

Cultivar: Backyard Bliss 

Common Name: Lilly Pilly 

Plant Type: Evergreen native shrub 

Height: 3-4M 

Width: 1-1.5M 

Flower Colour: White 

Leaf Colour: 

Plant Use: Screening and hedges 

Syzygium 'Backyard Bliss' is a new form of lilly pilly. It is a superb, dense, fast growing Australian plant with glossy green foliage and flushes of glossy bronze foliage in its newer growth. A big advantage of this lilly pilly is that it is psyllid resistant, so the foliage remains clean and healthy. This low maintenance plant requires little pruning to keep its balanced form and shape. Backyard bliss is ideal as a hedge, plant with 1M spacing to achieve a nice screen. 



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